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Clean your credit up & raise your  credit score!

As Experts and Specialist in quick and legal credit restoration, our team at NorthStar Credit Solutions has years of experience in credit auditing, credit evaluating and guiding the everyday consumer on how to utilize their rights under the FCRA to protect their personal credit file. Within our team, there is a vast amount of knowledge on the process of credit repair and what it takes to help our clients reach their credit goals.

As a Credit Repair Firm, we are not able to do anything that our clients can’t do for themselves as individuals. However keeping our clients from making costly mistakes and spending countless hours doing what we can do for them in a fraction of the time is “OUR PROMISE!” We work hard to make sure we help our clients avoid the hiccups and bumps along the way. We do this every single day!

Honesty, integrity, and reliability, that is our guarantee!


Having great credit is a luxury that we’ll help you obtain. The benefits are truly life changing!

Our vast knowledge and experience will guide you through not only improving your credit file and increasing your score, but showing how to to utilize your credit so that it benefits you and your family for years to come. Our services are second to none and unmatched in what we provide for our clients.


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